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The Book of Benjamin

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The Book of Benjamin Cover

No good deed goes unpunished.

When Benjamin finds out he is a bone marrow match for a young boy in desperate need, he gladly volunteers to be a donor.  But then a routine MRI shows something lining the bones of Benjamin’s pelvis and this discovery changes the world.  There are words and symbols covering the inner linings of Benjamin’s entire body.  Even more surprising is that the words seem to have a message and an agenda.  Scientific breakthroughs are soon being made using formulas found inside Ben’s body, but the strangest thing of all is that the words seem to have the power to heal others.

Soon Benjamin is performing miracles, and drastically changing people’s lives for the better.  He openly claims that he has no powers, and is only doing what the words tell him to do, but others aren’t so quick to believe this.  Soon people begin to think Benjamin might be something more.  Could he be some new type of spiritual leader or the second coming of a past one?

Can Benjamin convince the world that we all have the power to change each-other’s lives, or will he meet the same end as every other religious icon, or is possible that all this just happening inside Ben’s mind?

The Book of Benjamin will ask you to question your own potential and ability to help others.

What if you have more power inside you that you ever imagined
Price(USD): $10.00

Downloadable PDF File.

What if you have more power inside you that you ever imagined
Price(USD): $2.00

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