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Rebirth FB front cover

Within a year, the number of people living on the planet dropped from over seven billion to less than a million.

Within a year, the technology that once made our lives so easy, became just useless plastic and silicon.

Within a year, ethics and religion became antiquated and obsolete.

Within a year, for one man, the impossible became the only reasonable option.
After the world fell, and the walking dead outnumbered the living by a hundred to one, a Buddhist student travels the world looking for the reincarnation of his late teacher.

Surrounded by an ocean of teeth,

Pursued by something far more frightening than the undead,

The greatest threat he might face, is the loss of faith, and the abandonment of hope.

Om mani padme nom nom nom
Price(USD): $10.00

Downloadable PDF file.

Om mani padme nom nom nom
Price(USD): $2.00

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