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Geek Buddhas

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If you’ve ever seen me at a convention, you’ve no doubt seen the geek Buddhas I sell at my table.  Several people have asked for me to make them available because they don’t get the chance to see me in person, so I’ve decided to try it to see how it goes.

One of the reasons I’ve been reluctant to do this was because I was new to making them and I wanted to wait till I was making a product I could be proud of.  I’m finally there!  These Buddhas are unlike any you will find online.  Sure, you can find 3D prints of some of these characters from various sellers online, but none of these are like the ones I sell.  If you’ve ever held a 3D print, they are very light and kind of like an M&M shell.  They can be easily broken, and they can even melt if left in sunlight.

My Buddhas are made of a solid resin that holds beautiful colors and look amazing in the sunlight.  They don’t have 3D print lines, and look great.  They won’t melt and they’re very strong.  Traditional Buddha statues hold things inside of them, and mine are no different.  The story goes that The Buddha reached enlightenment while sitting underneath a Bodhi tree (this is why my dog’s name is Bodhi).  Because of this, many Buddhist wrist malas are made from Bodhi seeds.  Inside each of my Buddhas are a Bodhi seed, and a small Dorje which is a Buddhist tool used to transfer negative energy and karma into positive.  Most of the Buddhas I make have a certain translucence to them so you can see these items inside.  Even though you can’t see them in the opaque colored ones, they are there.

I’m selling them for $15 (4”), $20 for the large ones (6”), plus $5 shipping and handling. These are a list of the ones I have.  I will update this list as various Buddhas are sold.  The 7 Chakra Buddhas are basically a rainbow but with a white crown for the 7th chakra.

-Xenomorph from Alien; 8-Black, 1-7 Chakra

-Yoda Large 6”; 5-Green, 1-7 Chakra

-Yoda Small 4”; 4-Green, 1-Pink, 1-Black

-Dobbie from Harry Potter; 3-Light Brown, 1-Orange, 1 Blue, 1-7 Chakra

-Bender from Futurama; 7-Gray, 1-Translucent Gray

-Cthulhu; 1-Pink, 1-Blue, 1-Green, 1-Black, 1-Rainbow

-Spock; 4-Blue, 1-Dark Blue, 1-Red, 1-7 Chakra, 1-Rainbow

-Vader; 8-Black, 1-Pink, 1-7 Chakra

-Hulk; 5-Green, 1-7 Chakra, 1-Rainbow

-Stormtrooper; 1-Black, 1-Blue, 1-7 Chakra

-Batman; 2-Black, 1-Blue, 1-7 Chakra, 1-Yellow with Blue glitter.

-Master Chief from Halo; 3-Green, 1-Blue, 1-Red with Blue glitter, 1-7 Chakra, 1-Rainbow

-Vault Boy from Fallout; 1-Purple, 3-Blue, 1- Dark Blue, 1-Green, 1-Black, 1-7 Chakra, 1-Rainbow

-Vader Jesus; 1-Black, 1-White

A Buddha statue that shows your geek side
Price(USD): $15.00


Price(USD): $20.00