Chivalry in 2017

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I think we can all agree than in 2016 we could have been a little bit nicer to one another.  People were offended by the slightest thing and weren’t afraid to tell you about it, if someone shared an opposing viewpoint we called them names or we retreated to our safe places and in an election process that is supposed to show the world the best side of our nation we showed the absolute worst in us no matter what side of the ballot you happened to stand.

            I believe it is time to bring cavalry and manners back.

            When I was a teenager, we would go to various dances and clubs.  If you wanted to dance with a girl, you walked up to her and asked her to dance. You didn’t just grind up on her on the dance floor.  It’s no wonder women are so guarded today.  Fellas, trust me, if you show respect to a woman and show some respect to yourself, the ladies will respond.  If they get mad at you for your efforts, they are probably not the type of girl you would want to pursue anyway.

            Throughout 2017 here and on my Facebook page, I am going to be posting ways that we can all be a little kinder to one another, and maybe share some of the old time chivalry that a lot of children today are not being taught.  However, before we can even begin to do this, I would like to address the ladies and in particular those ladies who feel that a man being civil to them, in some-way belittles them and the feminist movement.

            In philosophy there are basically four branches of study:  Epistemology – how do we know what we know?   Metaphysics – what is it?  Logic – the study of correct reasoning.  And Ethics – how do we live a good life.  During the Medieval period, kings from around the globe were discovering that it was difficult to balance the savagery their knights needed to have on the battle field with how they should behave while within their own castle walls.  Thus chivalry was born.  It provided a warrior ethos with which the knights could function with those they were sworn to protect.  This is why chivalry is still heavily taught in the military today.  It is a way for warriors to remember what they are fighting for.  That’s why soldiers today will more than likely address you as ma’am.  I don’t know where all the negative connotations associated with this word came from, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t from the men.

            So ladies…when a true gentleman holds a door open for you, or takes off his hat while talking to you, he is not attacking you.  He is saying that in that moment, for him, you are worth fighting for.  From a warrior, there can be no higher praise.

            This in no way suggests that you can’t fight for yourself, or that you are in some way weak (I would like to believe that the women I’m most chivalrous towards are capable warriors who I would want at my side when things go bad), it is simply a way to acknowledge you as a person in his community whom he would like to be of service to. 

            Please don’t deny us men the chance to honor a tradition and an opportunity to be decent, because if you pay close attention, a true gentleman isn’t just chivalrous to you, his respect and manners and kindness will be given to everyone around him and THAT…should be the kind of man you want to have in your life. 

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