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                Boy, if I had a nickel for every time someone was faced with the decision of buying one of my books, or feeding the homeless, I would have a plethora of nickels.  Now you won’t have to face that dilemma, because during the month of May, every time you order a book from my website, 100% of that money will go towards feeding the homeless!

                For about the past six months, I have become involved with the Legacy Initiative here in Utah.  The Legacy Initiative is an amazing group of volunteers, who do incredible things for the homeless.  One of the things they do is their monthly outreach program, where they get up before the crack of dawn, make about a thousand or so burritos, and then go feed people who are hungry.

                It costs roughly around $0.30 for the Legacy team to make a burrito, my book costs $16.99 (16.99 / 0.30 = 56.6 burritos).  If we give two burritos per person, that means every book you buy will feed about 28 people!

                This is the ultimate win-win.  Not only will you get one of the best books ever written (according to my mom), you will be helping to put food into the mouths of those who really need it.

                Help us help them.  Please buy a book, and help make a difference.

                For more information or if you would just like to make a donation (in any amount) to the Legacy Initiative, please go to www.legacy-initiative.com

                Thank you1962835_651320044938648_1314656436_n10006384_651979334872719_892941551_n


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    Correct website link for Legacy Initiative:


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